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What You Should Look For In A Good Auto Repair Shop

When you’re looking for a good auto repair shop, one thing you need to keep in mind is exactly what kind of work you need to be done on your vehicle. If you’re just talking about normal maintenance, those are typically services recommended by the manufacturer in order to maintain the vehicle in good running condition. Repair work is something entirely different, and that may call for a specialist who is experienced in working on your make and model of vehicle.

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Should You Be Charged For An Auto Repair Estimate?


When your car needs collision work or any other kind of auto repair, the first thing you have to do is get some kind of repair estimate, so you’ll have some idea of the cost involved in fixing it. Typically, you might want to go to several repair shops to get their estimate of the repair cost, so you can be confident about at least a ballpark figure. It’s also usually worthwhile to do some comparison shopping, to see where you might get the best price.

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snow driving

Troubleshooting Anti-Lock Brakes

Over the river and through the woods was more dangerous back when cars had crummy bias-ply tires, rear-wheel drive and ordinary brakes.

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ABS has become pretty much standard equipment on most vehicles

This process repeats many times per second until the vehicle stops or you lift your foot off the brake pedal. The ABS computer does a power-on self test every time you cycle the ignition.

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