Whether you dislike spending money on new tires or love to draw attention to this part of your vehicle, Showcase wants to ensure you are always safe while driving.

The tires and wheels are obviously designed to take a beating from constant contact with the road. Besides keeping you, your family, and your friends safe, the tires can also affect how comfortably your car drives as well as your gas mileage.

Uneven wear on your tires is not only unsafe, it costs you more money in the long run because the tread wears out faster (and then you’re riding on “bald” tires – not good!). Uneven wear can be caused by several things (improper inflation, misalignment, worn parts), so if you see it, bring it in to us right away.

Other problems we can help address are flat tire repair, tire replacement, tire rotation, tire alignment, and tire balancing.

Don’t fret – we’ve got your needs met!
You can drop off your vehicle 24/7 for any sort of tire or wheel work. If you just can’t make that happen, please call us and ask about our pick-up and drop-off services. If the vehicle isn’t driveable, we can even tow it in!

Tires and Safety

Tires are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. Good automotive tires are one of the most critical components in driving safety.

New tires, properly inflated, can make the difference in an emergency. Follow manufacturer recommendations for tire pressure, rotation, balancing and alignment.

Proper wheel alignment, good tire treads, regular tire rotation, and high-quality tires all work together to improve gas mileage, handling, braking, and the overall safety of your automobile.

Tire Pressure

The correct pressure in your tires is not something that can be verified by looking at them. In fact, your tires might lose 50% of their air before it’s noticeable to the eye.

We can check the pressure level in your tires for you as well as show you how to do it with a tire gauge. This is something that needs to be done one per month, preferably in the morning to get the most accurate reading.

Rotation & Alignment

When you purchase a set of tires from Showcase, we will rotate them at no charge to you when your vehicle is in for an oil change.

Tire Rotation

Also known as wheel/tire balancing, tire rotation moves the tires from one location to another so that the tires receive even wear over time.

Lifetime Alignments

Showcase also performs lifetime alignments if you do an alignment at the time of tire purchase.
It’s very common for a vehicle to develop alignment problems after an accident. Even a small fender bender can affect the position of the suspension.

If the vehicle feels like it’s pulling to one side or you notice arm fatigue after a long trip in the automobile, it might be misaligned. Misalignment can cause damage to your times, suspension, and other important parts. It’s relatively simple and quick to get your alignment adjusted, so don’t put this off.

Flat Tire Repair

Even if you can’t see the puncture, we can find it and usually fix it. (Some punctures, depending on where they are located, are not fixable, and the tire must be replaced.)

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