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Basic Detail $124.95 (Cars)
SUV’s / Mini Vans / Larger Vehicles (+24.95)


  • Clean & Vacuum Seats
  • Clean & Vacuum Carpet
  • Clean & Vacuum Floor Mats
  • Clean & Detail Dashboard
  • Clean Air Ducts & Vents
  • Clean & Detail Door Panels
  • Clean & Detail Shifter / Console
  • Clean Windows & Mirror


  • Degrease & Hand Wash & Dry Vehicle Exterior
  • Remove Bugs and Road Tar (minimal)
  • Clean & Wash Wheel Wells
  • Clean Rims & Remove Brake Dust (minimal)
  • Clean Tires & Apply Dressing
  • Clean Windows & Mirrors
  • Degrease Engine & Apply Dressing
  • Apply Wax Orbital Polisher
Extras or Ala Carte Bundle and Save
Larger Vehicles 20% surcharge
Bundle and Save
Buy 2 and get 3rd of equal or lesser value free
Ala Carte
Pet Hair Removal Extra $39.95
Carpet Cleaning $39.95 *$49.95 (incl. mats)
Upholstery Cleaning $39.95 *$49.95
Clean Child Seat $19.95 *$19.95
Windshield Rain Treatment $19.95 *$49.95
Headlamp Lens Polishing $39.95 *$49.95
Headlamp Wet Sand & Clear *$99.95 (does not include removal)
Hand Wash & Wax Vehicle *$49.95
Brake Dust Removal (Rims) *$19.95
Aluminum Rim Polishing $29.95 *$49.95
Clay Bar Treatment $49.95
Lite Compound Treatment $89.95
Heavy Compound Treatment $124.95
Wet Sanding & Polishing $49.95 (per hour)
Supreme Complete Detail

Includes the Basic Detail, Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning, Lite Compound Treatment and Windshield Rain Treatment for only $249.95 Larger Vehicle $299.95

About Our Extras / A La Carte

Remove What Kids and Pets Leave Behind
  • Pet Hair Removal Extra—Our powerful vacuums can extract much more than your home vacuum cleaner.
  • Carpet Cleaning—This is especially desirable after an extra rainy or snowy season. By regularly cleaning the carpet, you’ll prevent stains from setting in.
  • Upholstery Cleaning—You’ll be surprised at how nicely your vehicle’s cloth upholstery cleans up! Knowing that, you might even start letting the kids eat and drink in the car again…
  • Clean Child Seat—Need we say more? After time, these seats get really grimy!
Cleaning Up For Safety
  • Windshield Rain Treatment—It’s a fact that more accidents happen in rainy conditions. We’ll help keep your family safe by applying a product that forces rain and fog and fog to bead up on your windshield, making it much easier to see.
  • Headlamp Lens Polishing—Say goodbye to dull or cloudy headlight lenses. Not only do clouded lenses make it harder to see at night, they can make your vehicle look older than it really is.
  • Headlamp Wet Sand & Clear—We will remove the built-up oxidation and return your headlights to a much safer condition.
Give Your Car Some Extra Lovin’
  • Hand Wash & Wax Vehicle—If you dislike this messy process but love the final results, let us take care of it for you!
  • Brake Dust Removal (Rims)—Dirty, dusty rims look like you just don’t care. We can get your rims back to looking nearly perfect!
  • Aluminum Rim Polishing—Aluminum rims will look as good as polished chrome when we’re done with them!
  • Clay Bar Treatment— This non-abrasive treatment removes contaminants like brake dust and industrial fallout from the surface of your car.
  • Lite Compound Treatment—We use lightly abrasive products to polish a vehicle in order to smooth and restore its clear coat layer.
  • Heavy Compound Treatment—We use a more abrasive compound for surfaces that are more worn or damaged.
  • Wet Sanding & Polishing—Want to get back that mirror-smooth finish? This process can restore the luster of the paint and remove scuffs or shallow scratches.