Collision Repair Service

Showcase Collision has an experienced staff and highly-trained technicians that are readily available to handle all of your auto accident repairs.

When vehicles collide or hit an obstacle, the energy from the impact moves through the entire vehicle. This can bend or break the body, the frame, interior parts, wheels, and drivetrain.

That means even parts you can’t see might have been damaged in some way that affects the vehicle’s driveability and safety. For this reason, it’s extremely important to do your research and carefully consider who repairs your vehicle after an accident.

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    Our goal is to rapidly restore your vehicle at reasonable rates; we are focused on complete customer satisfaction. We offer a wide range of accident care services; please take a look below.

    Body & Collision Repair
    • Frame Straightening and Replacement—We use highly-specialized lasers to make precise measurements and then use hydraulic equipment to fix imperfections and return the vehicle to normal.
    • Minor and Major Collision Repair—Even a small fender-bender can affect the integrity and safety of your vehicle, so let us check it out!
    • Dings and Dents—The small imperfections are the ones that seem to be the most annoying. We understand that and strive for perfection in removing dings and dents from your precious vehicle.
    • Hail and Storm Damage—Run into an angry Mother Nature? Don’t mess around with DIY repair kits. We have the expertise to assess and repair hail and storm damage.
    • Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)—A trained technician uses a variety of special tools to gently and slowly push dents back into place without harming the factory paint job. No fillers or sanding required!
    • Minor Rust Repair—Let us take this time-consuming task off your To Do list before the corrosion spreads.
    • Complete Restoration—We can completely restore classic and vintage vehicles.
    • Refinishing—We will remove the signs of age and decay from your vehicle.
    • Computerized Color Matching—This technology lets us match the existing paint on your vehicle.
    • Minor Scratch / Panel Painting—Sometimes, even the smallest jobs can get time-consuming when you do it yourself. We have the expertise to quickly fix those annoying scratches and other problems that detract from the look of your car or truck.
    • Motorcycles—Whether it’s a sport bike or a cruiser, we’ll get your motorcycle back on the road quickly.
    • Bicycle Frames—Yes, we can even help repair steel bicycle frames with our professional tools.
    Additional Repair Services
    • Pickup and Delivery Service—Life can get crazy without the use of a personal vehicle. We can help you with the inconvenience of dropping off or picking up your vehicle after it’s been repaired.
    • Mobile Estimating—Our mobile estimating technology allows us to give you an initial estimate for your vehicle collision repairs without you needing to bring it into the shop. This can often help speed up the repair process.
    • Claims Assistance​—Let us help you deal with the stress and frustration of getting your damaged vehicle repaired. We have dealt with thousands of vehicle insurance claims over the years and know our way around!
    • Windshield / Glass Replacement—Not only are cracks and dings in your windshield annoying, they are also dangerous. After all, your windshield is part of what protects you in an accident.
    • Theft / Vandalism Damage—Your vehicle might need some care to recover from malicious acts like keying, dents, and graffitti. Although these repairs are less complicated than collision repairs, we know the details are important!
    • Custom Hoods, Spoilers, and More—Bring in a body kit or let us help you select a custom hood and/or spoiler. Our technicians are experienced in custom work and can help you find a new look that fits your budget.
    • Detailing—We get your car clean and shiny – inside and out!
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      Our Repair Process

      These are the general steps that occur after you bring your vehicle into our shop:

      1. Make Insurance Claim
      2. Go to Showcase Collision for an Estimate
      3. Get Repairs Authorized
      4. Order Parts
      5. Make Appointment
      6. Begin Repairs – Remove Damaged Parts (further damage may be found)
      7. Send to Paint Shop for Color Matching and Complete Paint Process
      8. Reassemble Vehicle (Install bumpers, headlamps, and trim)
      9. Detail Vehicle to Perfection
      10. Final Inspection
      11. Inform Customer of Vehicle Completion

      Many repairs can be completed in one day. We will do everything possible to limit your vehicle’s down time.

      ​​To get more information about our collision care services, please contact us.

      About Appraisals

      The insurance company considers a car a total loss if its repair cost is more than the vehicle’s value. A car that’s almost new would have to be almost irreparable to be a total loss. In contrast, an old luxury car could easily become a total loss because of the high prices of parts and its low resale value.

      Repair Information For Our Customers

      In general, there are two main ways to repair the damage to your vehicle.

      Quality Factory Replacement Parts

      The best way consists of repairing all of the damage and replacing the parts with quality factory replacement parts. Not only are we assured of a proper fit and finish, which helps reduce the time your vehicle is in the shop, but also most items are readily available and delivered within 24 hours.

      When repairs are performed correctly, the vehicle has the same structural integrity, appearance, and most importantly, the same function as if it had before the collision. This type of repair normally will cost a bit more, but it will restore your vehicle to an acceptable pre-accident condition as far as appearance and value retention if you later decide to sell the vehicle.

      Alternative Parts

      An alternative way to repair your damaged vehicle is to opt for alternative parts, such as after-market or used parts; these are acceptable repairs by most people and insurance companies. They can be just as good as parts that come from the original manufacturer.

      However, sometimes used parts don’t offer as much savings as you might expect. Also, these repairs can create delays because aftermarket parts don’t always fit as precisely as OEM parts. Sometimes used parts have some blemishes that need repairing once we receive them. Short cuts may save you money, but could create delays.

      The finished product, although it looks all right, will not be the same as if it were done with all new OEM parts. Cheaper is cheaper for a reason. You can always get a cheaper estimate. But will you be happy when repairs are completed?

      Stay Informed and Educated

      The information we’ve provided here is not a scare tactic or a sales pitch. This type of information is no different wherever you may go, and it’s not because we’re trying to make more money.

      The difference with Showcase Collision & Auto Care Center is that we like to educate you, our customer. We never try to mislead you.

      No matter how you decide to repair your vehicle, all of us at Showcase Collision & Auto Care Center will work hard for you to make sure that you are satisfied.

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