Accidents and Repairs

Had an Accident? Here’s What To Do:

1. File a police report OR get the other party’s information:
  • If the accident occurred on public property, make sure the police make out a police report.
  • If the accident happened on private property (i.e., parking lot) or it’s impossible to have the police come, exchange information by getting the other party’s:
  • Insurance company’s name
  • Policy number
  • Driver’s license number
  • Daytime phone number
  • Vehicle license plate
2. If your car is undrivable, get it towed.
  • If the police are not on the scene and have not called for a tow truck to move your vehicle, call Showcase Collision (586-979-6450) and we will arrange towing.
  • Avoid storage and extra towing fees by having your vehicle brought directly to Showcase Collision & Auto Care.
  • Remember to remove all of your personal belongings and valuables from the vehicle before it’s towed away.

Tip: Be wary… some independent tow truck drivers receive a kickback for recommending a particular collision repair shop.

3. Call your insurance company or agent to report the incident and let them know the vehicle is located at Showcase Collision.